Senior Laravel Developer

Company Overview

This is a startup that has an innovative peer to peer marketplace to allow for users to buy and sell equipment worldwide.


We are looking for an individual to join our company as a full-time senior-level Laravel developer.  This role will involve designing, building, deploying, and maintaining production code. As a senior Laravel developer, you’ll have direct responsibility over the experience our customers have on a daily basis. You’ll be working with the CEO to design, engineer, and deploy code in a production environment. You’ll also be working with him to understand and implement feedback from our customers. It is a relaxed workplace but we’re nimble and get things done.


Improve engineering standards, deployment infrastructure, performance, testing, and code quality.

  • 3+ years Laravel experience
  • Worked with Laravel within the last 6-12 months.
  • Experience with asynchronous queues using Laravel Horizon is a plus.
  • Experience with Laravel Nova is a plus.
  • Experience with Typescript.
  • Experience using linters like ESLint
  • Experience building robust frontend experiences
  • Experience working with REST API’s, code packages, deployment tools
  • Experience turning ideas and mockups into well-executed code
  • Experience writing unit tests and/or working with Jest is a plus
  • Track record of deploying apps at scale with easily maintainable code
  • Design experience is a plus
  • Experience building user-facing products
  • Proficient in English and comfortable working in a diverse team using Slack, Jira, Github and Zoom collaborative tools
  • Very competitive, depends on experience level and expertise, $70 – $120/hour.
  • Experience with React JS helpful with integrating with the rest of our team.
  • Remote Work: We are headquartered in Philadelphia, PA but you can work from anywhere in a US timezone.
  • We take off all 10+ Federal Holidays and flexible for any other holidays and events.
  • Flexible, relaxed work schedule. Daily standups to coordinate team at the most convenient time for the team. Biweekly sprint planning, retro and backlog refinement.
COVID-19 Response

We work as a remote team and understand the complex dynamics and evolving changes daily during COVID-19 in all of our lives in unforeseen ways with little to no warning.

To apply:

Submit applications to [email protected]